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Nagaur is a desert town of historical significance. It is the chief town of the district of the same name in Jodhpur Division. It was known as Ahichhatrapur. It was the capital of Jangaldesh. Nagas originally ruled over this place and about 7th century onwards the Chauhans became the overlords of Nagaur and it was included in Sapadalaksha. Later on Nagaur remained under the control of the Muslim Sultans and Rathore rulers of Jodhpur. Nagaur was granted to the famous warrior Amar Singh Rathore by emperor Shahjahan.

Nagaur fort was considered to be the best example of Bhumi Durg (land fort) in Rajputana. It is defended by strong gates and massive ramparts. The fort contains many royal apartments such as Moti Mahal, Badal Mahal and Hawa Mahal. The Baradari is painted with beautiful paintings depicting various episodes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The town possesses some monuments of historical importance, namely, the Dargah of Khwaja Hamiduddin Nagauri known as Sultan-ul-Tarkeen, who was one of the chief disciples of the Khwaja of Ajmer; and Amar Singh Rathore Ki Chhatri. The paintings in the Jain temple depict motifs related to the life of Lord Mahavira and Parsvnath.

Amar Singh Rathore was the heir apparent to the throne of Marwar, who not only was deprived of his right to succession, but was also exiled from the State, whereafter he retired to the Mughal court. His exceptional gallantry on the battle fields impressed the emperor who bestowed upon him the chiefship of Nagaur and elevated him to a very high rank in the nobility.

However, he is remembered for upholding his dignity and intrepidity exhibited in full view of the emperor in the Mughal court at Agra, by murdering Salabat Khan, the Paymaster General for the latter's insolent conduct towards Amar Singh. Amar Singh was overpowered and killed, but the saga of his daunting spirit and heroic action survived for long in the ballads of the minstrels.


Nagaur Fort: Centrally located; 2nd century old; witnessed many battles; lofty walls & spacious campus; having many palaces & temples inside.

Tarkeen Dargah: Most renowned after the Ajmer Dargah; sacred place for Muslims & Sufis.

Jain Temple in Glass: Lofty structure of glass; sacred place for the Jain community.

Saiji ka Tanka: Samadhi of a renowned saint, inspires the liberation of the soul with simplicity & truthfulness; a symbol of communal harmony.

Other Places: Cenotaph of Amar Singh Rathore, Bansiwala Temple, Nath Ji ki Chhatri, Barli.


Khimsar Fort: Situated 42 km away from Nagaur on the National Highway No. 65 towards Jodhpur; 500 years old fort in the middle of the Thar Desert; turned into a hotel furnished with modern facilities. Mugal Emperor Aurangzeb used to stay here; Khimsar town has 25 small temples; black deer roaming in herds are a very popular tourist attraction.

Kuchaman Fort: One of the oldest & most inaccessible forts of Rajasthan; situated on top of a straight hill; unique water harvesting system; Jodhpur rulers used to mint their gold & silver currency here; affords a beautiful view of the city; fort converted into a hotel has a strong attraction for tourists.

Makarana: A treasure trove of marble; exemplifies how stones can be shaped & made use of; marble mining is the main-stay of living for the locals; worth seeing how stone brings quality in life; this marble used in the construction of the Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial & other buildings in white stone.

Ladnun: Jain Vishva Bharti Institute (deemed University) - A famous centre of Jainism; a school of thought; a centre of spirituality & purification; a society of Ahinsa; a treasure of tranquility; an abode of humanity on earth.

Kurki: Kurki is a small village in the Nagaur District. It is the birth place of the famous princess and poetess, Meera Bai.

Merta: Earlier known as Medantakpur, this town was also known as Medanipur in ancient times. It flourished during the Pratihara period and was in possession of Rao Duda in the 15th century. Later, Rao Maldeo built a fortress "Malkot" which is in ruins now. This small town is also associated with the poetess-princess Meera Bai.


Nagaur Cattle Fair: The quaint town of Nagaur, one of the most picturesque of Rajput townships, stirs to life during the Nagaur Fair. The cattle fair here is the second largest in Rajasthan and is held every year during the month of Magh (Jan. Feb.)

The fair is renowned for the trading in cows, bullocks, camels and horses. Their owners are seen wearing colourful turbans and flaunting long moustaches. The bullocks of Nagaur are renowned for their fleetness and attract a large number of buyers. Both the owners and buyers bargain to their heart's content until they decide upon a price.

Mirchi Bazaar (Red Chilly Market) is the main attraction and wooden items, iron crafts and leather accessories are available in abundance during the fair. Various games are organized during this four day festival.

Tug-of-war, camel races, cock fights etc. provide entertainment to the tourists and visitors. As the sun goes down, a joyous atmosphere is created by the folk musicians, whose voices echo far and wide across the tranquil desert sand.



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